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Welcome to SnapJapan!

A Japan Guide to Travel & Living in Japan.

SnapJapan.com is a Japan Travel Guide for visitors and travellers to Japan. Looking for accommodations in Japan? On SnapJapan.com you can find your perfect Western Style Hotel or even a Japanese Ryokan (a Japanese Inn). Would you like to visit some of Japan's great attractions? On SnapJapan you can easily find accommodations, attractions and activities that will make your Japan experience unforgettable. We also have a Japan Events Calendar, Japan Travel Logs, Japan Top 5 Lists and Itineraries posted by us and our users.

Japan is one of the most fascinating countries in the world with a deep and rich culture, beautiful landscapes, a genuinely kind and honorable people, amazing food and so much more. Whether this is is your first time visiting Japan or you're a long time Ex-Pat, we hope SnapJapan.com provides resources and features that may you may use.

If you like, you can join SnapJapan.com to post a business listing, an event for our calendar, a Japan Travel Log, a Japan Top 5 List or even an Itinerary.

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