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"Best of Japan" - Full List

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3 Favorite Places Around Shinjuku

I thought I'd start off with a "smaller" scale area (although Shinjuku is a massive city) and list my 3 favorite spots around Shinjuku in Tokyo. ...

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Best Day Trips in Tokyo

I know, I know... this could be a million different things but for me, this is my top 3. There is so much to do in Tokyo it is literally...

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Best Ryokan (Japanese Inn) in Tokyo Japan

Of course subject to personal taste LOL but here is my list of the best Ryokan (Japanese Inn) in Tokyo.  I have lived in Tokyo for quite a...

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Best things about Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

Cherry Blossom Season ("Hana Mi" in Japanese) is one of Japan's well known and very popular seasons. Its a time when "life" starts to bloom and...

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Favorite Cities to Party in Tokyo

So many cities and within those cites places to hang out and party its so hard to decide but, I'll try to list my favs among favs. I'm a college...

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My top historical places around Tokyo

Tokyo got kind of a "semi-late" start in the history of Japan. While the western area of Japan was being built up and infused with lots of...

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Things I don't like about Japan

I know I may get a lot of flak from this but honestly... no matter what "it" is, there are always good and bad "things" about it. I really love...

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Why I love Japan

Once you leave your "Home Country" whether it be the US, England, Australia, China or anywhere (All having great things themselves!), you...

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Why I love to sleep on a futon

I grew up in America, New York (half upper state, half in the city). My family is 100% American... well, mostly from Italy but that was way back....

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Why Japanese Hot Springs (Onsen) are GREAT!

In English they are called "Hot Springs", in Japanese "Onsen".  In recent decades Japan has become very popular with...

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Why the country is better

I lived in Tokyo for 2 years.  I get it, the city is "Exciting".  You have no argument from me, it is exciting! In the city you...

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