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Getting Started & Help

Viewing Itineraries

All users (including Anonymous, non-logged In users) may "View" Itineraries.

To "Create" an Itinerary you must be Logged In. You can create an account either with a FaceBook account or a new account on SnapJapan.com.

Creating Itineraries

There are 2 types of "User Created" Itineraries,
    1.) "Permanent" / Site Viewable Itineraries and
    2.) "Email" Itineraries.

1.) "Permanent" / Site Viewable Itineraries

These Itineraries are created by SnapJapan.com users. The user that creates the Itinerary can "save" it in their "Content List" and it is available to edit. This Itinerary will also show on the site for anyone to view. For those with an account, go to your "My Content" page and "Add" an Itinerary for instuctions on how to add these.

2.) "Email" Itineraries

These Itineraries use a temporary "cookie" to store data. You can "Save" these Itineraries (and edit them later) by emailing it to yourself, see further instructions below.

How to create an Itinerary

  • On any "Location" page (businesses, attractions, etc.) or "Event" page there is a large button, "Add to Itinerary"... click it if you want to add it to your Itinerary.
  • To "View" your Itinerary, click the link at the top of the website "View Itinerary" (you may see this link in other spots too).
  • On your Itinerary page you can "Remove" items and or "Move" items around (change the order) by just clicking and dragging items up and down.
  • To "save" an Itinerary you must email it to yourself ("Email Itinerary" on Itinerary page). Once you have emailed it to yourself you can re-access/edit the Itinerary at any time by clicking the link within the email. If you do not email it to yourself and at some point your "cookies" are cleared, this Itinerary will be lost.
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