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Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

Relaxing under the Cherry Trees, copyright Cjbvii (license)

Cherry Blossom on SnapJapan.com

The famous "Cherry Blossom Season" in Japan. There are an untold amount of songs, poems and stories about the Cherry Blossoms. They bring the spirits up, joy and happiness to most... and a sense of sadness and remembrance to others. They are so beautiful, for a short time... and then they are gone.

Cherry Blossom Season
Relaxing under the Cherry Trees
copyright mrhayata (license)

Cherry Blossom Season in Japan is a wonderful time to visit (although it can be hard to predict the "exact" time) or live in Japan. It seems that everyone's mood is high and in good spirits. Plans are made on key weekends to meet up with friends, sit under the trees, drink, sing Karioke, chat and basically just be happy. Since Japan is a "long" country from the south to the north, the Cherry Trees bloom at slightly different times throughout Japan, please take a look at the "When will they bloom?" and "Japanese Cherry Blossoms "Past Bloom Dates" information below.

Sumida Park Cherry Blossom Season
Sumida Park
copyright pelican (license)

Cherry Blossom Season
Japanese terms Short List

Cherry Blossom -

Go to see the Cherry Blossoms -
Hana Mi

Pour me some more sake -
Sake kudasai

Turn it up! (the Karioke machine) -
Moto uresaku!

Tsutsujigaoka Park Cherry Blossom Season
Tsutsujigaoka Park
copyright Kimon Berlin (license)

Depending on your "mood", you may feel like sitting around with 20 friends in a crowded "Ueno Park" setting and party under the Cherry Blossoms or, you may feel like finding a quite place... just you and your loved one(s) taking it easy. Japan offers all these environments including Cherry Trees at castles, temples and shrines. If you have time (or live in Japan) we suggest you try both settings. The crowded Cherry Tree viewing areas can be overwhelming but they are fun! The quieter places offer almost a spiritual experience and will relax you to the core.

Famous Japanese Songs about Cherry Blossoms

(Links open a YouTube.com video)

Probably the most famous song, its short but beautiful - Sakura Sakura

Sung by a current extremely popular "Enka" singer - Sakura

If you want to listen to more, just search YouTube.com using these terms, さくらさくら or 桜 演歌.

Cherry Blossom on SnapJapan.com

When will they bloom?

Please take a look at the "Past Bloom Dates" below first for a "general idea" of when the Cherry Blossoms in Japan may bloom. The "Average Start" and "Average Full Bloom" is an average over a many year period so is a good general time of when the cherry blossoms will bloom. However, depending on the weather patters and temperatures throughout the year, cherry blossoms can bloom anywhere from two to three weeks prior or after average numbers.

For yearly "up to date" prediction times, predictions are best about a month in advance, please take a look at these sites:
Sakura Weather Map, Japanese only but it is a "map" with a "month/day" text indication.
Japan Meteorological Agency Cherry blossom forecast, Japanese only

Cherry Blossom on SnapJapan.com

Japanese Cherry Blossoms "Past Bloom Dates"

The past bloom dates of Someiyoshino blossom, one of the most popular and widely planted cultivated flowering cherries in temperate climates worldwide.

The cherry blossoms is in full bloom in about seven days after flowering and then the peak bloom period is five or six days. It takes about two weeks from flowering to falling.

Observation Spot 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Average
Full Bloom
Sapporo May 7 May 1 May 13 Apr 29 April 28 May 5 May 8
Sendai Apr 12 Apr 18 Apr 9 Apr 7 Apr 15 April 12 April 18
Tokyo Mar 28 Mar 31 Mar 16 Mar 25 April 2 March 28 April 5
Nagoya Mar 27 Mar 30 Mar 19 Mar 24 April 2 March 28 April 5
Kyoto Mar 28 Apr 3 Mar 22 Mar 27 April 3 March 31 April 7
Osaka Mar 31 Apr 2 Mar 21 Mar 27 April 3 March 30 April 6
Hiroshima Apr 1 Apr 2 Mar 22 Mar 25 Mar 27 April 2 April 5
Fukuoka Mar 22 Mar 27 Mar 13 Mar 19 April 2 March 26 April 3
Naha Jan 7 Jan 22 Dec 28 Jan 15 Feb 2 Jan 19 Feb 4
Data Source: Japan Meteorological Agency (Japanese Only)

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