Japan Travel Guide

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Japan Guide Attractions Information

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If you want to see Asian castles and culture, a fashion capital consisting of tall skyscrapers along with magnificent traditional buildings, and many other attractions, a visit to Japan should be on your things to do! Japan is at the top of the list of the must see tourist countries in the world.

Interesting places to visit in Japan are (Not in any specific order):


Travel Guide to visit Tokyo Japan A fashion capital of the world, Tokyo is an amazing city to visit. It’s a lively city overflowing with oomph. Here you will find wonderful Japanese castles, a vibrant Japanese culture and an endless list of things to do. Pay a visit to the Imperial Palace, which is the home to the world’s oldest monarchy. Although you can’t go inside, you can encircle it. Near the palace, in the heart of Tokyo city, are shopping malls, cafes and restaurants. If you walk further, you’ll find bars, and strip joints perfect for those who enjoy nightlife and partying.


Japan Travel Guide - Kyoto Laced with Japanese culture and tradition, Kyoto was the home to the emperor for almost 1000 years, it’s a city which has been a target to various wars, earthquakes and floods which have destroyed the city however, the city has been rebuilt a number of times. This city is also home to various temples, shrines, palaces, museums, traditional buildings and many handicraft shops. The most iconic tourist attraction here is the Temple of the Golden Pavilion. It was built in the 14th century and around the 1950’s it was burnt down by a monk who had become obsessed with the place. Later it was built again as an exact replica of the original.


Japan Travel Guide - Osaka Osaka is the third most popular city in Japan after Tokyo and Kyoto. The main attraction here is the Osaka castle which was the house of the 16th century Japanese ruler and is the largest castle in Japan. what's more, is that Osaka is also home for the most famous theme park chain in the world, The Universal Studios Theme Park, having lots of fun rides for adults and children. Osaka also has an aquarium, which has a large variety of fish and other marine animals.

Mount Fuji

Japan Travel Guide - Mt. Fuji The 3776 meters high mountain in Japan is surely worth a visit. This volcano-mountain is a top tourist attraction and it is estimated that around 200,000 people climb this mountain every year. The mountain’s peak is covered in snow all year round. It usually takes around 3-8 hours to climb up and around 2-6 hours to climb down.

The Great Bhudda in Kamakura

Japan Travel Guide - Kamakura Budda This colossal bronze Buddha stands 40 feet tall. And weights 93 tons and is japans most distinguished figures. It dates back from 1242 and stands in open air.

Hell’s Valley near Nagano

Japan Travel Guide - Nagano Hell’s valley is located near Nagano, it is known as Hell’s valley because this valley is hot spring area where hot boiling water and steam bubbles out from the frozen ground, It is also home to snow monkeys who hide inside the valley during winter.

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