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Japan Guide Dining Information

Food, Food, Food! Although Japan is known for its dexterous work and smart technology, another very famous aspect of Japan is its food! You will find its dishes like Sushi being served and loved by many people around the world. If you have a Japan Travel plan, you must ensure that you taste the local cuisine there. It is as exquisite as the place itself. Japan dining is filled with delicious food for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, though the options of the latter are much greater. This is not to say that Japanese vegetarian dishes are any less delicious. If you know the right options, and the right place to find it, you will be in for a sumptuous food treat.

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What food to try when you visit Japan

Japan Eating habits are very healthy in general. You will find that there are hardly any people who are obese. This reflects the good quality food they eat, and their health conscious mentality. Here is a quick Japan guide pertaining to food that will help you explore Japanese cuisine’s main elements,


Sushi in Japan

Sushi is the number one dish that you must try when you plan for a Japan travel. Though the dish has crossed its physical boundaries and become world famous, you’ll be surprised to know that it is actually a "Common/daily" type food in Japan. The authentic sushi is made out of steamed rice and fish. You of course can taste the vegetarian version too. The taste is exquisite with different flavours bombarding your palette.


Ramen in Japan

In Japan dining Ramen is mostly used as a late night food. Soy sauce, pork, miso and salt are the humble ingredients of this soup style dish. It is light on the stomach, yet fills you up. There is nothing like stopping by at a "Hole-in-the-wall" Ramen Shop or even better yet, Ramen Stand, to have a great bowl of Ramen before you head home.


Yakitori in Japan

MEAT! Well, chicken that is.  Especially in America "Yakitori" is not seen as a "great place to eat" but in Japan, Oh Man! the Yakitori is GREAT!  Stop by a little Yakitori shop after a hard day of work or shopping... pull up a stool... order a tall glass of cold beer to start you off then start yelling out orders to the cook behind the counter.  When those little plates come your way with the most tastey of tastey grilled chicken treats, you'll understand what REAL Yakitori is! The non-vegetarian lovers enjoy Yakitori the most. It is made out of chicken that is grilled on charcoal. It works the best when taken as a started or a side dish with your beverage. Many bear enthusiasts find Yakitori to form a great combination with their bear extravaganza.


Tempura in Japan

If you want the best of fried food on the Japanese menu, then it is Tempura. Though the normal Japan Eating guide wouldn’t consider this to be good to consume regularly, it is definitely a delicacy that you should try. A batter is smeared on sea food or veggies and deep fried in sesame oil. It is served with soy or tomato sauce. This is the best evening snack with your coffee, tea, juice or bear.

When you travel to Japan, you should try eating at different kinds of places. You can try street side food, small restaurant’s food, and the huge spread of buffet at a high-end restaurant. This will give you the different flavours of Japan, as the way it is cooked at various places will be different. You can also try Izakayas which are essentially small bars with great food. The focus is mostly on the drinks in these places. Nevertheless you will find great food here too.

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