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Main Areas in Tokyo| Where to stay in Tokyo | What to do in Tokyo | Tokyo Related Links

Tokyo. We've all heard of it and we all have an "image" of what Tokyo is like. Depending on who you talk to Tokyo can be an "absolutely fascinating place" or "a crowded concrete jungle". One thing is for sure, Tokyo will excite all your senses and give you an experience like you have never had before. What started off as a small little fishing village hundreds of years ago and quickly became one of the top largest capitol cities in the world, Tokyo is a place with incredibly deep culture, history, food and people.

Main Areas in Tokyo

The map below gives a great "over-view" of the "main" areas (cities) in Tokyo.

Tokyo areas map

Where to stay in Tokyo

Where to stay in Tokyo Japan

Yes, Tokyo is absolutely HUGE! However, the train system in Tokyo (well, all of Japan) is beyond amazing. It doesn't really matter if you stay in Shinjuku, Tokyo Station, Shinagawa or wherever... just jump on a close by train and within fifteen minutes to an hour you can get to all the spots around Tokyo. Although Tokyo is very "old" (the few non-destroyed areas after the war), the reconstruction and rail system layout makes Tokyo and incredibly travel friendly city. Think of Tokyo as a "circle", around that circle on the edges are major cities... on that edge a train line called the Yamanote Line loops around stopping at all the major cities, very convenient!

More than "Where", "What kind of place" do you want to stay may be more important. Although most folk immediately consider staying at a Western Hotel, you may want to consider a "Japanese Style" hotel/Inn as these types of places will only enhance your trip even more.

Hotels, Japanese Inns, Business Hotels (Lodging) in Tokyo


What to do in Tokyo

What to do in Tokyo Japan

Where to start!? You could possibly live in Tokyo your whole life and never experience all it has to offer and even if you did manage to hit every cool spot, by the time you got done most everything behind you has changed. However, as a visitor/tourist, you want to take in some of the best of the best! Let's start with food as it happens to be one of our favorite past-times. Definitely hit some of the great Japanese restaurants in Tokyo. After you have experienced some of the best food in the world you probably want to experience some Japanese Culture, temples, gardens and festivals. The nightlife can't be missed! If your single, a couple or even a family (the kids will be fine), head on out to Shibuya, Shinjuku or Roppongi at night for some wild times. Sleep well at night because your days will be filled with sightseeing, eating and experiencing all the excitement Tokyo has to offer!

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