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Ueno Sushi Bowl

Submitted by: ColoradoJones  | Nearest Major City: Tokyo  | Category: Food

This is the sign that is out front of the shop

This is the sign that is out front of the shop

For 100 yen more you can add Miso Soup

For 100 yen more you can add Miso Soup

Is that... incredible or what!! Uni, Ikura, Negitoro Don!

Is that... incredible or what!! Uni, Ikura, Negitoro Don!

There is a major city in Tokyo called "Ueno". Its just a couple stops from Tokyo Station on the Main "Marunouchi Line" train that circles Tokyo.  Actually... many people may pass through Ueno when coming from Narita because half the Narita > Tokyo trains end in Ueno.

Ueno is famous for many things, especially Ueno Park, Zoo, temples/shrines and all the museums that are in or around the park. Ueno is also famous with Japanese people for shopping. The most famous shopping street in Ueno is right across the street from Ueno Station, its called "Ameyoko Doori".  They sell all kinds of stuff on this street from bags, to clothes to jewelry but it is most famous for its vegetables and seafood stalls.  The street is usually packed with people no matter what time of day it is.

On Ameyoko Doori there are just a couple "Sushi Don" stalls (sushi layed out on top of rice), the most famous being on the main street about... 200 meters down.  You'll know when you see it, there is usually a line waiting to get in and there are lots of "example" dish signs out front.  That place is ... incredible!!!  For a very good price of about 800-1000 yen (about 8 US dollars), you can get a fabulous bowl of sushi!  My favorite is the "Uni, Ikura, Negitoro Don" (Sea Urchin, Salmon Eggs and smashed Tuna on rice). Actually, that one is a little bit more, about 900 yen because Sea Urchin is a premium sushi.

This restaurant is a little different than other places so here is what you do,

1.) Decide what you want by looking at the pictures out front.

2.) Stand in line, tell them what you want (they can speak English usually... if they don't just point) and pay.

3.) They will give you a ticket with a number... take that ticket and find a seat (its usually crowded so you may not get to sit together if your are a family).

4.) Sometimes... it does take them a while before your dish comes out... patiently wait.

5.) When your dish does come out they will call out your number in Japanese... LOL  Just kinda hold up your number... and let the person see it.  If its yours they'll bring it over to you.

6.) There is "tea" and it is self service.  Just grab a cup and get your own tea from the large cooler.

7.) When your done, just walk away (no tip required in Japan and your already paid).

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