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Mifune Matsuri

Event Dates

May 20, 2019

(Either Sat. or Sun. on the third weekend of May)

Dates and times are subjects to change without notice. Check with the official organizers before making travel arrangements.

category: Historical
Major City: Kyoto
Event is: Free

This is a "Historical" event in which a re-enactment of a time when the Emperor visited this area. Up to twenty lavishly decorated boats with people dressed in historical ancient costumes float down the Oigawa River the Arashiyama station in Kyoto.  The event is also very popular drawing approximately 100,000 tourists.  Before getting in the boats the people parade from Kurumazaki shrine, over Togetsukyo Bridge and into the boats.  There are men, women and children dressed in acient dress.
Official Website

Location: Kurumazakijinja

Address: Arashiyama, Kyoto.

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