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Japanese Hot Springs

Onsen or Japanese Hot Springs by Toyohara Chikanobu

If you visit Japan and don't visit or stay at a traditional Japanese Ryokan that has a Japanese Hot Springs... your missing out. Whenever I ask a friend or relative who visited Japan, "what was your favourite thing?" they always reply with "The Ryokan!" Tokyo & Osaka along with all the other Japanese cities are incredibly fun, the temples & shrines are beautiful, Japanese food is amazing but a Japanese Ryokan and Japanese Hot Springs is one experience you will never forgot.

Japanese Hot Springs near Tokyo | Japan hot springs - how to

Japanese hot springs

There are many types of hot springs in Japan including indoor, outdoor, public, natural and even mixed. Most hot springs can be found in hot spring towns or areas where a group of Hotels and Ryokan are bunched together. The more famous destinations can be reached in an hour to three hours by train and bus. There are two main types of hot spring lodging, Hotels and Ryokans. Hotels are the western "modern" version of accommodations with traditional Japanese hot springs baths. Ryokans (Japanese Inn) are the traditional Japanese type lodging accommodation with traditional style Japanese hot spring baths. Since you can stay at a hotel anywhere in the world... we highly suggest staying at a Japanese Ryokan and experience a true Japanese feeling... although, there are many very nice western style hot spring hotels if that is your preference.

Tsuru No Yu onsen

Most hotel and ryokan are located in a small country town type setting but others are isolated and far from everything. If you feel the urge to walk around an old style Japanese town in your kimono, be sure to pick an onsen town that isn't too spread out. However, sometimes you just feel like getting away from it all and relaxing in a far away surrounded by nature Ryokan. Whichever town or type of lodging you choose, a night or two at a Japanese hot springs will leave an impression you'll never forget.

Kurayama onsen

Japanese hot springs "Key words":

Hot Springs - Onsen 温泉
Hot Springs (slang) - Yu 湯
Women's bath - Onnna 女
Men's bath - Otoko 男
Indoor bath - Uchiyu 内湯
Outdoor bath - Rotenburo 露天風呂
Mixed bath - Konyoku 混浴
Public Bath - Sentou 銭湯
Towel - Taoru タオル
Hotel - Hoteru ホテル
Japanese Inn - Ryokan 旅館

Japanese Hot Springs near Tokyo
Kinosaki Onsen is a popular onsen town down near Osaka.
Japan hot springs - how to

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