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  • Chiba - Is the peninsula to "the right" of Tokyo (if looking down at a map). Not typically visited by visitors to Japan, Chiba has some interesting attractions to see.
  • Hakone - A "close to Tokyo" and historical playground for Tokyo'ites and tourists.
  • Kamakura - Very close to Tokyo with lots of temples and shrines including the Great Buddha statue.
  • Kinugawa - Hot Springs area with hotels, Japanese Inns and theme parks.
  • Kusatsu Onsen - One of Japan's most popular onsen (hot springs) towns.
  • Nikko - A famous Hot Springs area close to Tokyo with views of Mt. Fuji and lots of attractions.
  • Tokyo - The biggest city in the world with an unlimited amount historical and modern places to play, eat and enjoy.
    • Shinjuku - The largest city in Tokyo where you will find all the skyscrapers, many government buildings and many electronic & fashion departments stores.
    • Shibuya - The most popular city in Tokyo among "young adults" known for setting fashion trends throughout Japan and even the world.
    • Harajuku - is extremely popular with High School kids and is well known for it's "Harajuku Girls". The famous Meiji Shrine is also in Harajuku.
    • Akihabara - is well known for its electronics & computer stores, "Anime" & "Otaku Goods" and Maid Cafes.
    • Ueno - Ueno is an "older" part of Tokyo known for Ueno Park, Ameyoko (a popular shopping area) and various museums.
    • Ikebukuro - One of the large cities in Tokyo that is a "hub" for people who live in the North-West suburbs and outlying areas of Tokyo.
    • Roppongi - Best known for it's "nightlife" (with foreigners and Japanese alike), in the early 2000s up-scale shopping and apartment buildings have transformed Roppongi into a modern upscale area also.
  • Yokohama - Next to Tokyo, a famous seaport with a China Town, Landmark Tower and many other interesting attactions.


  • Fuji Five Lakes - An area North of Mt. Fuji with many attractions and "Nature Spots" to get a great view of Mt. Fuji.
  • Nagano - The "Mountain City" of Japan which has one of Japan's most famous temples, the nearby "Monkey Park", many "Scenic Nature Spots" and ski areas.
  • Shirakawa-go - Best known for its traditional farmhouses that look like something strait out of a snow-globe fantasy.
  • Takayama - Nagano's close sister "Mountain Town" that has traditional "old areas", Hot Springs and beautiful scenery.


  • Kyoto - One of the most famous cities known throughout the world, Kyoto is a must see bucket list destination.
  • Nara - Close to Kyoto, Nara was also Japan's capitol city at one point in time.
  • Osaka - Japan's second largest city, Osaka has a totally different vibe than Tokyo with different food and very outgoing people.


  • Hiroshima - Notoriously know for one of the cities to have an atomic bomb dropped on it, the current Hiroshima is a clean, beautiful and vibrant city with great culture.
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