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  • Atami - Atami is a seaside resort town very close to Tokyo and mainly famous for it's onsens (hot springs). It can be reached directly from Tokyo on the Shinkansen in 48 min.
  • Chiba - Is the peninsula to "the right" of Tokyo (if looking down at a map). Not typically visited by visitors to Japan, Chiba has some interesting attractions to see.
  • Hakone - A "close to Tokyo" onsen (hot springs) area, artistic and historical playground for Tokyo'ites and tourists.
  • Ikaho Onsen - Another one of Japan's most popular onsen (hot springs) towns in Gunma Prefecture near Tokyo famous for it's reddish brown, iron-laden thermal waters.
  • Kamakura - Very close to Tokyo with lots of temples and shrines including the Great Buddha statue.
  • Kinugawa - Hot Springs area with hotels, Japanese Inns and theme parks.
  • Kusatsu Onsen - One of Japan's most popular onsen (hot springs) towns in Gunma Prefecture near Tokyo.
  • Minakami Onsen - Most famous for some of Japan's largest outdoor baths and outdoor sports, Minakami Onsen is one of the four most popular onsen areas in Gunma Prefecture near Tokyo.
  • Nikko - A historical area with famous for it's nature, temples, shrines and tombs close to Tokyo with views of Mt. Fuji and lots of attractions.
  • Shima Onsen - Famously known as the onsen town that has hot springs water that can heal 40,000 illnesses, Shima Onsen is one of the four famous and most popular onsen (hot springs) towns in Gunma Prefecture. It is also the hot springs town that has the Sekizenkan Ryokan which was used as a model in the movie Spirited Away.
  • Tokyo - The biggest city in the world with an unlimited amount historical and modern places to play, eat and enjoy.
    • Shinjuku - The largest city in Tokyo where you will find all the skyscrapers, many government buildings and many electronic & fashion departments stores.
    • Shibuya - The most popular city in Tokyo among "young adults" known for setting fashion trends throughout Japan and even the world.
    • Harajuku - is extremely popular with High School kids and is well known for it's "Harajuku Girls". The famous Meiji Shrine is also in Harajuku.
    • Akihabara - is well known for its electronics & computer stores, "Anime" & "Otaku Goods" and Maid Cafes.
    • Odaiba - boomed (and continues to boom) in the mid to late 80s when Fuji TV headquarters and various shopping malls were built on this man-made island. Odaiba is now a super popular shopping, entertainment and lodging area.
    • Ueno - Ueno is an "older" part of Tokyo known for Ueno Park, Ameyoko (a popular shopping area) and various museums.
    • Ikebukuro - One of the large cities in Tokyo that is a "hub" for people who live in the North-West suburbs and outlying areas of Tokyo.
    • Roppongi - Best known for it's "nightlife" (with foreigners and Japanese alike), in the early 2000s up-scale shopping and apartment buildings have transformed Roppongi into a modern upscale area also.
    • Nakano (Tokyo) - Nakano is best known for "Nakano Broadway" which is a shopping complex famous for Anime items, Idol Items and Manga stores.
  • Yokohama - Next to Tokyo, a famous seaport with a China Town, Landmark Tower and many other interesting attactions.


  • Fuji Five Lakes - An area North of Mt. Fuji with many attractions and "Nature Spots" to get a great view of Mt. Fuji.
  • Nagano - The "Mountain City" of Japan which has one of Japan's most famous temples, the nearby "Monkey Park", many "Scenic Nature Spots" and ski areas.
  • Shirakawa-go - Best known for its traditional farmhouses that look like something strait out of a snow-globe fantasy.
  • Takayama - Nagano's close sister "Mountain Town" that has traditional "old areas", Hot Springs and beautiful scenery.


  • Kyoto - One of the most famous cities known throughout the world, Kyoto is a must see bucket list destination.
  • Nara - Close to Kyoto, Nara was also Japan's capitol city at one point in time.
  • Osaka - Japan's second largest city, Osaka has a totally different vibe than Tokyo with different food and very outgoing people.
  • Kinosaki Onsen - One of Japans most popular Onsen (Hot Springs) destinations especially for those in the Kansai area.


  • Hiroshima - Notoriously know for one of the cities to have an atomic bomb dropped on it, the current Hiroshima is a clean, beautiful and vibrant city with great culture.
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